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Unique competence in cleaning parts

MOC builds systems for industrial part cleaning for requirement-specific cleaning results - be this for final cleaning or further processing. As our customers' individual cleaning problems can only seldom be solved with standardized systems, our company has its own construction team, which designs and constructs customized customer solutions either  based on standardized basic constructions or from scratch as an entirely new system. The standardized basic constructions were also developed by our company. 

In order to ensure that systems are set up correctly for cleaning parts, we deal in detail with our customers' cleaning requirements. We perform initial cleaning tests in our test center using customer parts in their original soiled condition. These tests provide information on the suitable cleaning method in this particular case, the structure of the system, and the cleaning products to be used. 

To ensure an optimum cost/benefit ratio when setting up and operating the system, a key factor is that we create the cleaning result required in each particular case - be this as puirity that is suitable for further processing or as a finished result (degree of cleaning). This is a key guideline that allows us to make our customers an offer that makes good business sense. 

As a highly responsible manufacturer, we are highly sensitive to environental protection. What does that mean? That we design our systems to be environmentally friendly, and also that we protect the environment from solvents. We have turned both of these requirements into reality in our systems. Our MOCficency programme stands for our environmental awareness and is being constantly expanded. 

Our broad range of cleaning systems includes stationary island solutions, mobile systems and systems that are integrated into production processes (inline systems).

You can clean a wide range of workpieces using MOC's part-cleaning solutions - from simple small parts through to complex assemblies.

We have particular competence in cleaning stystems in explosion-protected areas. 

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