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About us

In 1955, Peter Danner formed MOC Danner Anlagen und Apparatebau, which went on to become the current company, MOC Danner GmbH.

His original product was a magnetic metal screw, which was screwed into an oil bath (magnetic oil cleaner) and thus separated metal chips from the parts. After  Peter Danner developed a method that allowed files to be prepared in immersion baths, selling and further developing this technology governed the first few years of the company's activities. The further development of manual immersion baths with hand cranks and pneumatic cylinders laid the foundations for the most successful immersion cleaning system program in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. 

The S-T-U product range has been manufactuered and constantly further developed all the way through to the present day. Equipment with a lifespan of 35-40 years is by no means a rare occurence at MOC. The grandchildren of MOC's very first customers are still buying our cleaning systems. We added the K series to our product range in the 1990s. 

Today, MOC stands for Methods of Cleaning: we are a system provider for cleaning technology and cover the entire range of cleaning technology, fro table-top devices through to production lines. In addition to the standard program, nowadays the company mostly produces and sells customer-specific solutions. 

The company's business has been managed by the second generation of the Danner family since 2005. Customers in Germany and around the world enjoy our top quality cleaning systems, and we have good reason to claim "Our customers buy from us time and time again". Our company was awarded the Bavarian State Prize for the use of particularly environmentally friendly methods in 1990. 

Our research and development aims to optimize cleaning workflows in order to increase the efficiency of  energy input and the cleaning products used. This not only applies to our products, but also to the methods and processes we use in our company. 

We develop special equipment versions, which allow our customers to clean more while simultaneously saving energy, and taking up a small amount of space and with shorter cycle times.  This is the aim of our MOCficiency programme.

That is our claim, and we're happy to live up to it!

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