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Cleaning systems from MOC

MOC has specialized in developing and producing cleaning systems for more than 50 years.

Today, MOC is one of the leading manufacturers of cleaning systems in Germany. We offer a wide range of versions, including ultrasound cleaning, flooding and coalescence separators. Our range of systems includes a wide variety of types of cleaning systems such as immersion cleaning systems, spray washing systems, plasma systems and drying systems.

This allows MOC to offer a unique variety of possibilities for use: the parts to be cleaned can be of very different shapes and sizes, and can all be efficiently cleaned with our systems. We also offer ideal solutions for assembly. From baskets for bulk material or stainless steel workpiece holders – we work together with you to define your requirements, and then we offer you the ideal solution.

We aim to construct and build environmentally friendly cleaning systems, tailored exactly to our customers' needs. Constant innovation and improvement means that MOC is a convincing partner for cleaning parts in industry.

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