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Cleaning applications

Before taking a decision on the suitable type of cleaning, you not only need to know the substance to be removed in the cleaning process. The  size and shape of the part to be cleaned is also important. Each part has its own specific cleaning requirements. We know these requirements and use this knowledge when setting up a suitable cleaning process. In so doing, we classify the parts as follows:

• Maintenance parts  (heavy soiling)
• Turned parts / precision parts
• Electronic components
• Molds and tools 
• Large parts
• Cast party
• Hydraulic parts
• Boxes and other transport packaging
• Micro-parts
• Plastic parts
• Engineering components 
• Medical parts
• Pipes (internal pipe cleaning)
• Ground parts
• Stamped parts
• Deep drawn parts

A further decision-making criteria when selecting the correct cleaning system is the quantity. We offer cleaning systems for low to high quantities.

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