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Cleaning media

Aqueous media

The entire range of aqueous media can be used with MOC cleaning systems.

Hydrocarbon systems

Hydrocarbon cleaners are flammable cleaners that are classified according to their flash point.

Modified alcohol systems

Modified alcohol systems are used as replacement substances for hydrocarbon systems.

Dewatering fluid

This is generally a solvent that is used to remove water from the surface and, at the same time, to leave behind a protective film which protects the parts against corrosion.

Alcohol systems

MOC offers cleaning systems that can be operated with alcohol-based cleaners.

Chlorinated hydrocarbons

MOC uses chlorinated solvents in its system technology if this is required by the application.

Semi-aqueous systems

MOC works with cleaners that contain both a solvent and also an aqueous part.

Plasma cleaning

Plasma cleaning for metals and any activation required for plastic parts is also known as gas cleaning.

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